DIY finger tip typin - pace and code, (PHP open source)

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Working versions


So this is my first attempt to build a "jewelry version" of tip-type

By reducing the contacts to smaller and smaller tips eventually they become like "ornaments on a bracelet".

Haha, forgot to leave room for insulator, my hand was just conducting all the signals lol.. real idiot moment, have to redo them all

The finger tips are made by smashing thick copper wire with a heavy ball peen hammer. once the wire has been flattened into a strip of copper, use small plyers to bend it at will and form a "finger tip glove".

The other designs of tip type work well, but I really want to try to shrink it to as small a size as possible.

I firmly believe that the finger tips are ideal for many reasons, simply put, you have tons of nerve endings in the tips of your fingers, so they are easy to sense and command.

For more info about the past versions(working ones), check them out (includes source code)

Strand wire+rubber gloves

Paper tubes+network cable


More info about mapping the alphabet to fingers

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