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I have created a page that builds up a table using data from a database and
formats the table using css tags.  I want to draw a coloured background
around my table (or just a portion of the scren that the table 'sits' on)
however when I isue the <div class="myclass"> in the php script it just
appears to ignore it.  I have included a snippet of my code below as this
will make it clearer:

All standard htm code at top of page, it then gets to the part where it
draws the table:

/* Print  Information table */
echo "<div class='colourbackground'>";
$sql = "SELECT * FROM ElementFurtherInformation WHERE
DATE_FORMAT(PaymentDate,'%d %b %Y')  =  '$pdate'";
$sql_result = mysql_query($sql,$connection) or die("Couldn't execute
echo "<table class=efitable>";
echo "<caption align =left class=caption><b>Element Further
echo "<tr><td class=td>Description</td><td class=td>Amount</td></tr>\n";
while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_row($sql_result)) {
echo "</table>\n";
echo "</div>\n";

Standard closing tags etc after...

The table is formatted with a border and a background colour however the div
should also draw a background colour inderneath the table so any parts that
are normally white should be the colour specified in my css file but it
just appears to ignore it.

I am new to php and web design, not sure if I should ave posted it here or a
generic html group, heres hoping someone here can help.

Many thanks


Re: Div being ignored

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 PHP will completely ignore the contents of your HTML, it's none of its
business. Its up to the browser to interpret it.

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 Are you sure there's a class of that name and that it's valid CSS?

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 Yes, it's an HTML (or maybe CSS) question not a PHP one.

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Re: Div being ignored

Andy Hassall wrote:

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Yes I am sure there is a valid class.  Thanks for helping I will repost in
html group.

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