Displaying time in different time zones

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(yes, another timezone question...)

I'm trying to get to grips with times, and as an exercise am trying to
create a function to display the time in various places.

The way I'm currently doing this is as follows:

// -------------------------------
putenv("TZ=GMT"); //set to GMT
$time_to_convert = mktime(15,0,0); //gives me 3pm GMT

echo(strftime('%d/%m/%y %H:%M',$time_to_convert)); //3pm

echo(strftime('%d/%m/%y %H:%M',$time_to_convert)); //7pm
// -------------------------------

That seems to work fine, and gives me the dates in the various places.
The question I have, is how can I determine if a given country is in

Essentially, what I want to achieve is a list that will tell me what
time it is in a given country right now.  (A bit like the World Clock
http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock /)



Re: Displaying time in different time zones

Cylindric wrote:
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Re: Displaying time in different time zones

hmmm, that looks interesting.  Should be able to get a decent list out
of that.  thanks

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