Displaying "Highest Price" indicator

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Hi there,

I have a list of values that I am displaying in a table (Not using a loop)

I want to be able to put a graphic next to the item with the hightest price.

I have all of the prices in a table.

Any ideas?



Re: Displaying "Highest Price" indicator

Steven wrote:
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Well ... you now have to do a loop.

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Find the highest priced item *before* printing the items; when printing
only put the graphic if it is the right item.

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A database table?
How do you get and print data from the database without loops? ?!?!?!

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Adapt this simple script that uses no database:

php$ cat max.php
$data = array(4, 7, 18, 3, 18, 6);

echo "Version a:\n";

$max = max($data);
foreach ($data as $value) {
  echo '    a) ', $value;
  if ($value == $max) echo ' GRAPHIC';
  echo "\n";

echo "\nVersion b:\n";

$max_index = array_search($max, $data);
foreach ($data as $k=>$v) {
  echo '    b) ', $v;
  if ($k == $max_index) echo ' GRAPHIC';
  echo "\n";


php$ php max.php
Version a:
    a) 4
    a) 7
    a) 18 GRAPHIC
    a) 3
    a) 18 GRAPHIC
    a) 6

Version b:
    b) 4
    b) 7
    b) 18 GRAPHIC
    b) 3
    b) 18
    b) 6

USENET would be a better place if everybody read:

Re: Displaying "Highest Price" indicator


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sort a copy of the array from high to low, get the price in the first row,
check the next one to be sure there isnt more than one with the same price
(unless you are certain this cannot happen). That way you wont have to
search the whole array but will only last for one row, or however many
there are of the same high price. When you print out your list, use an if
statement to see if the current price equals the high price, if so then
print your graphic.

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