Disabled mail function workaround?

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Hi!  I have been asked to add some functionality to an existing web  
site.  The user would like to have a form that would email them the  
results of the form.  Really easy stuff to do, usually.  I tried to  
run the enhancements, and did not get the results I wanted, either  
with writing the results to a log file on the server, nor in sending  
the email.  

In doing further research, I see that the site is being hosted on a  
windows server, and that the php appears to have a bunch of functions  
disabled, when I run phpinfo.  One of the many that are disabled is  
mail, so I'm kind of stuck.  Is there any sort of workaround to this,  
where the mail function is disabled, but I'd still be able to send  
email from a form?

For reference, here are the functions that are disabled:

getmyinode, getopt, getrusage, extension_loaded, dl, mysql_pconnect,  
crack_check, crack_closedict, crack_getlastmessage, crack_opendict,  
fsockopen, pfsockopen,  mysql_list_dbs, mysql_stat, ini_get, ini_get_all,  
ini_alter, ini_set, get_current_user, get_defined_constants,  
get_include_path,  php_ini_scanned_files, php_uname, phpcredits,  
restore_include_path, set_include_path, set_time_limit, version_compare,  
zend_version, getmypid, getmyuid, getmygid, assert_options, assert, fopen,  
fwrite, fread, file, fpassthru, file, mail, opendir, readdir, closedir


Re: Disabled mail function workaround?

sae@worf.netins.net (Scott Evans) wrote:
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Can you use system() to run blat.exe (google for it)?

Also, odd (but irrelevant) that you can't fread() but you can  

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Re: Disabled mail function workaround?

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I really can't see any reason why these are setup like this.  ini_get is  
disabled?  That pretty much means that any advanced service will fail  
when it checks system requirements.  phpcredits? Surely that's harmless.  
  Assert?  That's useful for debugging.  My gut feeling says that  
either: a) the host is trying to be secure, but is just limiting  
functionality, or b) the host hasn't setup the server correctly, so they  
are trying to avoid these problems.  For example, fread could be  
disabled to avoid reading files from other accounts.  Any properly setup  
host would have their permissions configured correctly.

Have you tried contacting them?  fwrite and fread are critical for ANY  
application and is going to indicate high loads -- caching becomes near  

Probably not what you want to hear: If they don't want to enable these,  
get out.  It probably indicates that they don't know what they're doing.

All the best,

Re: Disabled mail function workaround?

On Tue, 8 Aug 2006 15:27:30 +0000 (UTC), sae@worf.netins.net (Scott Evans)

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 Well, the proper answer is to ask the admin to re-enable mail, or switch
hosts. If they've disabled the mail functions, and you do some hacky workaround
to send mail anyway without asking the admins, it wouldn't be that surprising
if the admin of the server got somewhat annoyed...

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 If they're locking down things as basic as fopen then you'll have difficulty
communicating with the outside world in any way; you're not likely to be able
to open any sockets to even do SMTP mailing yourself.

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