different results ---netscape/IE

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i have code that prints out bookmarks in a html table.
the links appear in the table and when i click on a link in IE
it goes to the link.  when i click on the link in netscape it

KFWebServer/2.5.0 Windows XP at Port 9122

this appears to be the offending line of code (best guess)

    print("<td><a href=\"http:\\www.tinyurl.com\$row[0]\">$row[0]</a>

any ideas??

i am going to have my resume on this site so i care about different
browsers.  i will probably test mozilla also.  before i wouldnt have cared
but since the virus writers target IE and everyone is being told to use
different browsers it becomes more important now for my site to work with
more than one browser.

thank you,

Re: different results ---netscape/IE


i figured it out.  just a common syntax type error.
i had the slashes going the wrong way.


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