Differences with imap_headerinfo() between PHP 4.3.11 and 4.4.0?

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I have an application which uses imap_headerinfo() to query an NNTP server
and display some information as part of a web application.  I am seeing a
difference between 4.3.11 and 4.4.0 when the e-mail address in the article
contains a spam block.

I get the following notice:

Notice: (null)(): Unterminated mailbox: name@.MISSING-HOST-NAME. (errflg=3)
in Unknown on line 0
Notice: (null)(): Must use comma to separate addresses:
somedomain(dot.dot)com> (errflg=3) in Unknown on line 0

I am unable to suppress the notice either with error_reporting() or the @

Anyone else seeing anything similar?  Any idea how to suppress the Notice?
The oddly formed e-mail address isn't something I use so I don't really care
how it is formatted but the IMAP library seems to anyway.




Mike Walsh - mike_walsh at mindspring dot com

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