difference between oscommerce and oscmax

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any idea ?

Re: difference between oscommerce and oscmax

Daniele wrote:
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OSC is a open source stock product that you have to add modules to. This  
is a time consuming task.

OSCLoaded and OSCMax are two projects that have taken the "base" and  
made a large number of changes by adding various contributions (for  
instance both have added my recover carts contribution).

Of the two OSCLoaded is far buggier. I have used both and the problems  
that exist in OSCLoaded are NOT in OSCMax. I also like the OSCMax  
templating system much more. That doesn't mean that either is a complete  
solution for a "turnkey" store.

You will have to make changes to eith of the package solutions. I found  
working with both that OSCMax is easier to work with and that there were  
less bugs in operation (for instance in OSCLoaded the contact us page  
was buggy, things like that just piss me off).

BUT, even with OSCMax you will want to make changes, add or remove  
certain contributions, etc. The user community on OSCMax is not as  
large, but I do know that it is there and is responsive (I know because  
I respond there when I can). In addition, there are some of us who are  
no longer developing contributions for OSC, but for OSCMax (which will  
also work in OSC, but we use OSCMax as the base from which we develop).

I highly recommend the OSCMax product as it contains what I believe are  
some of the better contributions all working well in a more complete  
"product" set.

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