Difference between get_cfg_var() and ini_get()

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I am writing a PHP library which uses some new configuration options in
php.ini. To read the values in my code, I have the choice between
get_cfg_var() and ini_get(). From the doc, I thought that they were
working almost the same way, except that get_cfg_var() gets its value
from the ini file, and ini_get() gives the current value, different if
ini_set was called.

Actually, when I have this line in php.ini :

Autoload.preload_include_path = On

I get this :

get_cfg_var('Autoload.preload_include_path') = string(1) "1"    => OK

ini_get('Autoload.preload_include_path') = string(0) ""     => Strange

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So, my questions are :

- does ini_get() support only PHP predefined configuration options (or
configuration options defined by an extension) ?
- If it is not the case, why doesn't it read my option ?

Thanks in advance


Re: Difference between get_cfg_var() and ini_get()

flconseil@yahoo.fr wrote:
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The difference between get_cfg_var() and ini_get() is that the former
returns whatever is in php.ini while the latter returns the runtime
settings. Say you stick the following into php.ini:

tomcruise.secret = "He's gay!"

get_cfg_var() will happily return the text while ini_get() would not,
as it's not configurable option belonging to any extension. Or, in
another word, ini_get() will only return items that are defined in the
source code.

Re: Difference between get_cfg_var() and ini_get()

OK. Thank you for confirming this point.

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