Did not close Oracle Database

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I have been using something similiar to below for inserting data into
Oracle 9i using PHP but forgot to use the OCILogoff() method to logoff
and was wondering what issues might occur with the Database
connection?  So far about 50 records have been inserted into the
database and I will probably have another 200 records when it is
finished in 2 weeks.   Now I dont have access to the site due to
permission issues so I wont be able to correct my mistake.  Please
advise what kind of Database issues might happen?

  $c=OCILogon("scott", "tiger", "orcl");
  if ( ! $c ) {
    echo "Unable to connect: " . var_dump( OCIError() );

  // Insert data into table...
  $s = OCIParse($c, "insert into tab1 values (1, 'Frank')");
  OCIExecute($s, OCI_DEFAULT);

  // Commit to save changes...


Re: Did not close Oracle Database

teser3@hotmail.com wrote:

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By default, PHP closes all resources when your script finishes running. That
means that all files are closed, and all database connections are
terminated, even if you didn't program the termination explicitly.

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