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Hey guys,

has anybody scripted online translators?
I got the task to build one but it should traslate big pieces of text at  
once - up to 5000 words!!! Traslation is simple - just words replacing.
How to create dictionary correct - DB based or file with plain text? I'm  
searching the way to gain as much speed as possible. I realise - (not  
sure) that  most convinient would be to read all dictionary into the hash  
(native => alien) and then change the words on-fly. But what if the  
dictionary is too big to fit server's RAM? So i'm not sure about this  

Any ideas?

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Re: Dictionary principle

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Do some tests to see exactly how large the dictionary is, as that will be  
the deciding factor when it comes to where to store it :)

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Re: Dictionary principle

Berimor wrote:
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No, translation is NOT simple.  It's a lot more than just word  
replacement.  You need to look at the syntax rules, idioms, and even the  
different definitions for a single word.

In fact, there's so much to it even the best programmers haven't come up  
with a decent translator after years of trying and improving.

For instance - translating your text above to French and back to English  

whoever has the translators in line préétablirs? I obtained to give the  
responsability it to build one but him if the traslate of great pieces  
of text immediately - up to 5000 words! ! ! Traslation is simple -  
replacement right of words. How to create the correct dictionary - dB  
based or file with the flat text? I seek the manner of gaining speed  
like possible as much. I realize - (nonsure) which convinient are to  
read all the dictionary in parasitic information (native = foreign) and  
to change the words then flies over. But what if the dictionary is too  
large to adapt the RAM of the waiter? Thus I am not sure about this method.

Other languages are worse.

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