Developing with DOM and XMLHttpRequest

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I have to write a web program (not a web site) and I was exploring all
When I found XMLHttpRequest I decided to use it.
I'm interesting also in DOM, and I formuled this idea of a PHP framework:

for every page of the program:

- an XML file where there are all the static parts, and where the
dynamic part have to go (after a DB query, etc.) you put something like
<div id="where_the_table_have_to_go"></div>

- a .php file that initialize the dynamic data of the page, created with
DOM objects and with something like that (I don't know the correct
syntax, it's only an idea):

$doc = new DOMDocument("file.xml");
// DB query and $table creation with DOMElement and so on...
// and finally
$panel = $doc->getElementsByTag("where_the_table_have_to_go");
$t = $panel->createTextNode($table.saveHTML());   // I don't know if
TextNode is correct :)

- a .php file with the right Javascript code to use XMLHttpRequest.
   When in the browser a change occours, the JS function call this file
to upgrade the desired node of the page. Finally he answers with
something like:


Is all that possible? Anyone knows if there are some libraries that uses
DOM and XMLHttpRequest together?
Is it possible to update only a node of a page with XMLHttpRequest?

Thank you a lot

Re: Developing with DOM and XMLHttpRequest

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Might want to have a look at

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Tim Van Wassenhove <

Re: Developing with DOM and XMLHttpRequest

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It is certainly possible. On the other hand, it's also possible to translate
the Klingon edition of Hamlet back into English. Why on earth would you want
to do it, that's the question.

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