Developing web based VoIP client

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My customer want me to develop voip client, included in his online web
Does anyone has some experience with that and can help show me correct
route to google - maybe java or flash? Javascript would be the best
way but i think its to much to wish.

Re: Developing web based VoIP client wrote:
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Why are you asking about java, javascript or flash in a PHP newsgroup?
I would suggest you try something more appropriate - you'll get better

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Re: Developing web based VoIP client

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cause im php developer, and as every else one, i have to use other
solutions, like php, javascript and xhtml, flash etc

Re: Developing web based VoIP client wrote:
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So you're a PHP developer.  I also develop in C and C++ - should I  be
asking those questions here?  And I use Linux servers - should I be
asking Linux questions here?

Ask in the appropriate newsgroup and you'll get a better answer.

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Re: Developing web based VoIP client schreef:
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Java might be the best approach.

Flash? I am unsure. I dislike Flash programming (the syntax and their
stupid objects) so I stopped developing in it. Maybe it is possible in

JavaScript: surely not the whole solution. You will probably use
JavaScript, but it won't be for the actual VOIP.

Of course you can also use ActiveX, but that is IE only.

I think I would start inquiring futher in a java newsgroup. used to be a great group for expert help.
(Maybe it still is, but I don't hang around there anymore.)
Possibly a VOIP package already exists, or some base classes you can use
to build on.
(I think there was this package named Java Media Framework which
contained a lot of usefull classes, maybe also VOIP these days. But you
better check such things with the good people in

And surely not PHP because that is serverside. But you guessed that
yourself, I expect. ;-)

You need a powerful language inside your clients browser that is able to
handle sockets, streams of data, that can interface with the
soundsystem, etc.. Java can all do that.
But if you are new to Java programming, you'll find it has a rather
steep learningcurve, it is more complex (and different) than PHP.

Good luck.

Erwin Moller

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make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the
other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious
deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult."
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Re: Developing web based VoIP client

On Dec 16, 12:37=A0pm, Erwin Moller
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And I want a Ferrari or an Aston Martin which costs less than a grand,
goes over 160mph and returns 60mpg.

Although ((IIRC) a java applet can connect to the sound card on most
OS, its rather optimistic to expect Java to be capable of supporting
realtime data capture and the compression necessary to support this
from the client. Add to that the fact that applet will only be able to
connect back to the server that supplied the code, means that you'll
also need to develop a gateway application to connect through to other

Javascript? No chance.

If your first port of call in trying to resolve this is to post such a
vague question on an NNTP newsgroup where the topic is unrelated to
the mode of implementation, then it looks like you are a very long way
from being able to address the problem, let alone provide a solution.

How complex it is depends on what you mean by VOIP - SIP? H323? Or
just a way to get two way sound betwen the deployed end-points of your

I'd suggest having a google for flash+audio+web+chat but note that
most of the responses you'll get are for hosted services and/or end-to-
end rather than gateway systems which integrate with an existing VOIP
or POTS system. Its by far the cheapest route to your goal.

As to developing a solution for yourself - I don't know enough about
flash programing to say how many corners this would cut - and you need
to establish whether you are trying to implement a VOIP gateway or an
end-to-end solution but just to get the two way audio set up, I'd
reckon it'd be apporpriate to estimate in terms of man-years (for
someone who already knows what they are doing). And that's even before
you start adding in stuff like call management (queueing, messaging


Re: Developing web based VoIP client

On Dec 16, 6:26=A0am, wrote:
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<a href=3D"C:\Program Files\Skype\Skype.exe">Click here to use our
  VOIP app!</a>


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