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which IDE would you recommend for rather small projects (max. 10000
lines)? It should run with linux. It could be freeware or cost a few
of bucks. It should provide intuitive debugging tools.

TIA Martin

Re: developer environment / linux

Martin Klar said:
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Eclipse, but "intuitive debugging" for php afaik doesn't exist in free or
cheap tools. Can't say about the more expensive ones they may provide it.

There are options for debugging but they aren't a walk in the park.

Fermat was right.

Re: developer environment / linux

Martin Klar wrote:
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you should checkout the prepared packages for PHP on


Re: developer environment / linux

At Tue, 15 May 2007 12:57:12 +0200, Martin Klar let his monkeys type:

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I use Quanta+ and Xdebug. I don't think many here do, but I like it.
Setting up debugging wasn't a breeze to be honest, I still have some
unresolved issues. Working on those. Other than that it is quite
complete. Code folding, autocompletion, code insight, highlighting,
auto-indent, html preview, all that.

If you do many projects, small or big, Zend might be worth the $299, or
$99 for the stripped-down version. (No ftp, cvs and remote debugging or  

NuSphere's PHPed currently ships at $234 (pro), $69 (standard) and
$421(Pro + 3 yrs upgrades + tech support) but only runs on Windows afaik.

Waterproof PHPedit, not too expensive at EUR89. Win only.

PHPeclipse has already been mentioned by others.


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