[DEV] mail() function modification

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I would like contribute to the PHP development but i don't really know where
i can submit my codes !

In fact, i'm a Web Hosting and i authorize the utilisation of the mail()

Meanwhile, this function permit to send mail anonyme ! (the sender is the
apache user in fact)
This problem is twice:
1: anonym mail can be sent
2: in stats (mailog), the sender is always the apache user, so no true stats
can be done

My idea is to permit to set (true or 0) a variable in php.ini, in this case,
the mail() function add a trace in headers (anti-spam) and add the 5th
argument to the mail() function to force a really sender and no more apache
Exemple: php.ini: mailtrace_login = "/home/%login%/www/"
When the function is called:
mail("nobody@aol.com", "the subject", $message, "From:
webmaster@$SERVER_NAME", -flogin@$SERVERNAME);
the 5th argument will be set to the %login% pattern found in the current
directory of the script

My code runs but some times it cause a stop PHP script and i don't know why

Thanks for your help !

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