Determine path to FTP base directory?

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Is it possible to determine the PHP path to the FTP base directory?  
ftp_pwd($conn_id) returns '/', while I need something like  

I used a construct such as:

$list = ftp_nlist($conn_id, ftp_pwd($conn_id));
foreach ($list as $entry) {
   if (stristr($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], '/'.$entry)) {
   $split = explode($entry, $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']);
   $ftp_basedir = $split[0];

That works well in most cases; anyway now I have a case where  
$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] has a duplicate folder name, such as  
'/data/htdocs/', which makes the above process fail. I  
think of complicated things like have FTP write a file into the base  
directory, and let PHP search for it, but I hope there is an easier method!

Thanks for a comment

Re: Determine path to FTP base directory?

Markus wrote:
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Which "ftp base directory"?  Every user can have a different one.

And as you've found, the directory the user sees is relative to his ftp  
root.  The ftp user has no knowledge of any directory outside of his own  
root - which is how it should be.

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Re: Determine path to FTP base directory?

Jerry Stuckle schrieb:
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I understand... The issue I am struggling with is the fact that  
directories and files uploaded with FTP are not writable for user PHP.

After installing my application on a server, it provides some nice guis  
for editing configuration files or translate language files, but of  
course those files or their destination folders have to be chmoded  
first. So I wrote an FTP class that can do this, using the same FTP  
login as the one that uploaded the application. I hoped to make the FTP  
class able to translate the absolute paths from PHP into the FTP user's  
directory structure.

I think I will add a configuration option to enter the appropriate FTP  
base directory and hand it over to the FTP class.

Thank you for your clarification!

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