delete an object ?

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Hi to all ;)

I use OOP with PHP4 and i don't understand something.

I have 2 classes VISIT & PLANNING like that:

class clVISIT {
   var $when;
   var $where;

   function clVISIT($_when,$_where) {
    $this->when = $_when;
    $this->where = $_where;

class clPLANNING {
   var $who;
   var $visit = array();

   function ClPLANNING($_who) {
    $this->who = $_who;
    for ($i=0;$i<10;$i++) { $visit = new clVISIT("foo".$i , "foobar".$i ) ; }


Ok, in the last constructor, we can see that i create new clVISIT
object. My question is: how can i delete some of them in the same
constructor ? is there a word like "new" but to delete ?



Re: delete an object ?

First, if you're trying to do what I think you are, write:

{ $visit[] = new clVISIT("foo".$i , "foobar".$i ) ; }

Note the square brackets after $visit.

To delete an element from an array, just use unset.  For instance, to
remove $visit[5], just write unset($visit[5]).  This won't re-index the
array -- you'll just have buckets with null values.  To re-index it in
a continious way, use:

$visit = array_merge($visit);

However, I'm wondering why you would create them in the first place if
you just intended to delete them...unless of course there's some other
things you do first that you haven't included in the example.

Re: delete an object ?

Hi and thanx a lot ;)

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Right. I didn't write some lines to make the example clearer.



Re: delete an object ?

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There is no concept of delete or destructor in PHP 4. PHP will delete an
object where it's no longer needed and (sometimes) free up the memory used
for it. You can reclaim memory (sometimes) by unsetting a variable but
there's no guarantee. Because PHP is used primarily for handling web
requests, it likes to free memory either after a script has finished and
(sometimes) not freeing it at all.

OOP in general should be used sparingly in PHP 4, only when there's a
clearly benefit of doing so. It is a weakness of the language. If you insist
on coding to the weakness of a language, you will only come to grief.

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