Defining personal upload_tmp_dir..???

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Hello All,

This is my first posting on this group and I'm also new to PHP ;-)

We have a client who is providing Web Hosting Solutions to customers.
One of the latest requirements is to enable PHP Scripting on the
Hosting Servers.
We are using PHP v4.4.0, but are running in an issue with File Uploads.
In PHP.ini file there is a config for temporary folder for uploaded
file. However, we dont want it to be pointing to a folder on the web
server itself rather we want customers to define one in their own
workspace (NAS share).

1. Is it possible using scripts to define a personal upload_temp_dir?
If yes, how?
2. How PHP Parser works in above case (meaning will it performs usual
3. Can same be done for Session.SavePath?

We are using Win2k3 Web Edition with SP1.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Defining personal upload_tmp_dir..???

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 upload_tmp_dir is marked as PHP_INI_SYSTEM which means you're limited as to
where you can change it, so it doesn't look like you can set it per directory
(or even per virtual host?).

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 This is even easier to set, being marked as PHP_INI_ALL which means it can be
changed within scripts, as well as in any other configuration file level.

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 Presumably meaning you're running IIS, which makes per-directory configuration
overrides somewhat harder than on Apache.

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