Defined class becomes undefined

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class OptionsView extends PaginationView {

     * Constructor
     * @access public
    function OptionsView() {}            // CONSTRUCTOR


This class exists in the same script as both the parent class
PaginationView and its child class AlbumOptionsView.. both
AlbumOptionsView and PaginationView seem to exist with no problem,
however, if I do this:

class AlbumOptionsView extends OptionsView {

I get this error:


Fatal error: Class albumoptionsview: Cannot inherit from undefined
class optionsview in /catalog/include/ on line 105

Could someone shed some light onto this? How can a class be undefined
in the same instance as its parent and child?


Re: Defined class becomes undefined

You have got

    class OptionsView extends PaginationView {

but where is class PaginationView defined?

You must define a class before you can extend it.

Tony Marston

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