decoding mail -

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I have evaluated the mime_parser (by M. Lemos) and one of the  
suggested scripts listed as comments on the  
imap_fetchstructure page (spam at emielmols dot info,1-Apr 2005)  
to try and extract the body parts from a message that has an  
attached message.

Basically it is a plain text message that is a reply to a prior  
message.  The prior message is within the body of the main  
message as a RFC822 subtype.

The script on the imap_fetchstructure page seems to concatenate  
the new message with the reply instead of separating them.
Mime_parser just puts the entire message being replied to (the  
attachment) as a text string, with all headers . . .

Does anyone have suggestions of a script to separately pull out  
the body parts and headers from the message and the included  
message ?


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