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Which one of these is the proper or suggested way to declare session
variables.  I've seen so many different ways but when I use
session_register the pages are way slower.

1. session_register("MM_UserID");
    $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['MM_UserID'] = $theID;

2. session_register("MM_UserID");
    $_SESSION['MM_UserID'] = $loginusername;

3. $_SESSION['MM_UserID'] = $loginusername;

Three works best for me and is the fastest but don't know the
advantages or disadvantages of doing it that way.  Option two was
taking forever.

Re: Declaring Session

Barkster said the following on 02/04/2006 23:29:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

If you read the manual ( ), you would see  
that session_register() is deprecated, and has nothing to do with  

$_SESSION is the way forward!


Re: Declaring Session

Thanks, must have missed that in the manual.

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