Debugging SOAP Web-Service in php.

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Hi, I am new to PHP (but a relatively experienced developer).

I am trying to debug a client/server combination using NUSOAP,
but I am not able to find a way to do that!

I have spent days playing with Zend, but I haven't found a way to debug
it without a start page.

How can I do this?
(Know there are some other environments, but it takes a long time to
figure them out, while keeping what I have).

Also, is there some simple way to VIEW and ANALYZE what goes throug the
Tried Ethereal, but it doesn't work locally with XP.

Can use both IIS and Apache, PHP 4* and 5*


Re: Debugging SOAP Web-Service in php.

I've needed to debug at various points,  never looking at http traffic,
 but I don't know what your bug is.

If the PHP client fails,  check a pure soap request/response with
XMLSpy,  or something free. (Should be an eval for xmlspy).

If XMLSpy gets no response,  then you need to look at the service.  I
do this by pointing a browser at it.  The service checks the agent,  if
it's a browser then it outputs some ordinary debug statements and
doesn't act like a service.  For example:

if (  ( strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], "PHP") === false ) &&
      ( strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], "Spy") === false ) ) {
   $aService = false;
} else {
   $aService = true;

I would have to add clients in addition to PHP and XMLSpy later...

This has been enough to get by,  but I haven't had any serious problems
yet (using PHP5 soap).

The Zend IDE stuff really slowed me down.  I just used the XAMPP stack.

That's another thing you could try,  put the scripts on different
platforms.  There are some differences.

Re: Debugging SOAP Web-Service in php. wrote:
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Thanks for your response, it was useful.

Though the situation is that the client is crashing, and is not so easy
to debug.

So I need to way to hit breakpoints, or see everything that goes
through the port or something like that.


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