Debugging PHP with Eclipse PDT

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Hi guys,

I am trying to get the PHP debugger to run with Eclipse PDT 0.7,  
unsuccessfully. I am on Windows XP, PHP 5, Apache 2.0.53 on localhost:8080.

I downloaded and extracted this zip-file

I create a PHP project called "debugtest", with one file called  
"newfile.php". I set a breakpoint in one of the two lines.

Then I click "Run" and "Debug", and add a configuration for "PHP Web Page".  
The settings are:
Server = http://localhost:8080/wa/debugtest
File / Project = debugtest/newfile.php
URL (Auto Generate checked) = http://localhost:8080/wa/debugtest/newfile.php

I made no changes to the "Advanced" and "Common" tabs in the "Debug"  

When I click the "Debug" button in the dialogue, a new tab opens in Eclipse,  
and I see the result of my script.

But the breakpoint is never hit :-(

Any help is highly appreciated!


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