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Hey all,

The powers that be asked me to come up with a software wish list for
next year's budget, and I thought of getting a PHP debugger.

I've poked around with NuSphere, but 99% of my debugging experience is
with gdb :)  Any recommendations?  Stuff to avoid?

Our environment is Eclipse/SVN, if that makes any difference.  (Looks
like Eclipse supports Zend and XDebug...don't know about any others.)


Re: Debugger Recommendations

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There are a few IDEs that can do this, but when it comes down to it
they are all much of a muchness.
If your shop is using Eclipse then it makes sense to go with the
Eclipse PDT (or PHPEclipse but according to /=
it doesn't do Zend debugger, only Xdebug).

As to whether to use Zend Debugger or Xdebug, I haven't managed to
find a definitive comparison of features. I use Xdebug (whether I'm
using Eclipse, Netbeans, PHPed), purely because that is the first one
I learn't how to install.

Re: Debugger Recommendations

Am 2010-08-06 16:31, matt meinte:
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Why not spending the money on Zend Studio with the Zend Debugger?
Together with the Zend Debugger Toolbar for Firefox this results in an
extremely comfortable debugging experience. Since Zend Studio is Eclipse
based all other plugins work equally well. According to Zend's webpage
Eclipse/PDT doesn't support the Firefox toolbar [1].




Re: Debugger Recommendations

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Because it has too slow autocomplete functionality. That is far more
important thing than debugging, at least for me.

My vote goes to Aptana. Version 3 has PHP support again. It's still in
early beta, it lacks a lot of functionality, but it looks promising
for now ...


Re: Debugger Recommendations

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Slower than Eclipse PDT?  Anyway, we're happy with our IDE, just
looking to integrate a debugging piece at the moment.

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Thanks for the recommendation, but we're good with our IDE choice.
We've got the whole team trained on the IDE, so even if there's a
better one out there, unless it's *really* an improvement, it's not
worth the lost man hours to learn a new editor.  We could argue all
day long about one editor's benefit over another, but let's keep this
thread on topic. :)

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