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Was looking for something that would help me debug php. Such as a debugger?  
OR a try/onfail method that could be put on a 'master' php file from which  
all function were called from and when one failed it could report the error  
and information?? Any suggestions?

Also wondering the basic structure of php application. In my current program  
I am migrating from I have a mater library which determines what library to  
call and function from the web request then opens and runs that function. Is  
php set up similarly? Where I would have say 'index.php' that would include  
and run a specific library based on the web request??

Thanks in advance

Re: Debug structure


Why didn't you look at
Probably because you never heard of it. :-)
Now you do.

Read up here, it contains all you need to get started.

Personally I use Eclipse3 with EclipsePHP-plugin.
It has a debugger called DBG ( /)

Erwin Moller

Re: Debug structure

thankyou learned a lot from I will look up what you sent, thank you

"Erwin Moller"  
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