Debian: php fast-cgi along with mod_php

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Hello group,

I am trying to establish the following scenario using debian squeeze:
php using fastcgi/suexec shall be used for regular users which have
their home directory under /home/www/. So far so good, this works well
either with apache2-mpm-worker or mpm-prefork. Since debian does not
allow mod_php to be installed while mpm-worker is installed, I installed
mpm-prefork on my testbox as well as mod_php and phpmyadmin.

phpmyadmin was configured by debian so that it can be accessed using

The problem is: fastcgi only works when mod_php is disabled but of
course phpmyadmin won't work anymore. I am trying to find a solution
where I can disable mod_php for the virtual host where required.
(Or only enable it for phpmyadmin, I don't care)

What I tried so far was a

<Directory /home/www>
  php_admin_flag engine off

within the global apache configuration. That led to a working phpmyadmin
but all php files within regular vhosts will be offered for download.
This is how a virtual host confiugration looks like:

<VirtualHost *:80>

  SuexecUserGroup test users

  AddHandler fcgid-script .php
  FCGIWrapper /home/www/test/php-fcgi/php-fcgi-starter .php

  Options +ExecCGI

  DocumentRoot /home/www/test/html

Although this question does not perfectly well fit into that group, I am
hoping to find apache/php specialists here since all the available
apache groups seem to be ghosts towns by now.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Debian: php fast-cgi along with mod_php

Did you found a solution for this problem? I have same issues and need some

Re: Debian: php fast-cgi along with mod_php

On 6/5/2013 3:39 PM, Ralf wrote:
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The post you're replying to is almost two years old.  I highly doubt he  
will be back.

Try starting a new thread describing your problem.

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