Dealing with large number of files?

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My father is a careers advisor who sends to his clients a monthly snail  
mail or email as a sort of newsletter.  He has been doing this for  
years, so has a large number of files that he would like to have turned  
into some sort of online, searchable archive.

I know a bit of web-based programming and database construction etc, but  
have no real idea where to start on this project?

Any tips, code snippets, ideas would be appreciated.

Re: Dealing with large number of files?

TreatmentPlant wrote:
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P.S. Server space is not a problem, yet!  Server supports mySQL, PHP,  
ASP, SSI etc

Re: Dealing with large number of files?

TreatmentPlant contained the following:

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I'd suggest you think about a database with the following fields
_article_id_, file_name, category, date_written, keywords, abstract

If you need a system where an article can be in more than one category
it can start to get more complex.

If you have phpMyadmin installed on your system this should be quite
easy to create.

Create a page with a list of your categories.

At this point you will need to know some PHP in  order to query the
database and generate a list of links to the articles.

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