Dbugging PHP and Eclipse

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Hi all,

This is my first PHP development project. So far, I have around 15 classes  
and 8 viewable pages. I've overcome a number of ideosynchrosies (such as no  
whitespace after the heredoc end delimiter, jeez!). But, debugging has been  
a tortuous problem for me.

I'm developing PHP 5.2.4 applications in an Eclipse 3.1/phpEclipse 1.1.8 IDE  
on WIN 2K3 Server. I installed the free NuVision debugger php_dbg.dll-5.2.x.

I set up the debugging environment to look for the interpreter:  c:\program  

When I run in debug mode,  I get the errors that caused a failure in the  
Consode tab, example:
PHP Warning: current(): Passed variable is not an array or object in  
C:\Web\Tbwe\Tbwe\test\session_mgr_test_harness.php on line 57

I set breakpoints which seem to be ingnored. The process doesn't stop at the  
breakpoint ,and I get no other debugging information such as variable  
values, etc. (probably because breakpoint isn't being honored I guess).

Am I missing configuration issues? Are my installed versions incompatible?

Without the additional debugging information, I will have to change back to  
a Java or .NET stack, which I do not want to do for this project.

How do I get more robust debugging? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Re: Dbugging PHP and Eclipse

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This link may be of some help:
or, http://tinyurl.com/ytmt6b

Also, there is a new all-in-one download of Eclipse+PDT release 1.0 at:

Note that PDT is a separate (different) Eclipse-PHP editing platform than
PHP Eclipse. I use the all-in-one download with debugging, and I like it.


Re: Dbugging PHP and Eclipse

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Thanks Charles. I'll try your options.  

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