dba_replace and inifiles

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I am using an inifile under the dba calls to store some info. Everything  
is working fine except dba_replace. It always fails. I am sure the key I  
am passing in exists. Here is some code...

function ModifyAValue($group,$key,$index,$value,$db)
//    $key_array = array($group, $key . $index);
    $key_array = "[" . $group . "]" . $key . $index;
    if(dba_exists($key_array,$db) == TRUE)
        echo "KEY EXISTS!\n";
    if(dba_replace($key_array,$value,$db)== FALSE) return FALSE;
    return TRUE;

When I execute the code above  (with the key as either an array or a  
string) I DO get the KEY EXISTS echo... so the key is found, but the  
dba_replace always returns false. I couldn't find anything in the docs  
that said dba_replace doesn't work for inifiles.

Anyone have any ideas?


Re: dba_replace and inifiles

Interesting... I just tried to implement deleteing keys and I have the  
same exact problem... a return of FALSE from dba_delete... even after an  
previos check with dba_exists returns true for the same exact key.

Hmmmm. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I guess I could move away from inifiles and use a flatfile database  
instead... but I like the idea of being able to edit in ini file in a  
text editor should I need to correct something or tweak something  
without building a PHP script to do it.


Buzz Burrowes wrote:

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Re: dba_replace and inifiles

I guess I should also mention that the ini file is one I am creaing with  
other dba calls... and I can create keys no problem (evident from  
looking in the file AND given that dba_exists returns true as described.)

So... I don't *think* it is a permissions problem... but I am stumped.

- Buzz

Buzz Burrowes wrote:

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