Date subtraction

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Is there a php function to determine the difference between dates.

I'd like to take a birthdate and then determine how old a person is
dynamically and simply return the age in years.


Re: Date subtraction

un1xg33k wrote:

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Yes: it's pronounced "minus" and written "-".

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    $birthdate = strtotime('1 June 1980');
    $now       = time();

    $diff_in_seconds = $now - $birthdate;
    $diff_in_days    = $diff_in_seconds / (24*60*60);
    $diff_in_years   = $diff_in_days    / 365.25;

    printf("I am %d years old!", (int)$diff_in_years);

The above may misbehave on the day before/after/of someone's birthday due
to stupid bloody leap years, which are always annoying, but it should give
you a basic idea of how date calculations can be done.

If you're very concerned about them, it's not rocket science to counteract
the effect of leap years.

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Re: Date subtraction

OK, a bit more help.

As you can tell I'm on php expert and am hacking a page to add this
into it.

The birthday is stored in mysql as a date and shows up as 2000-11-02.

Do I need to do anything to be able to subtract that date from the
current date?

Also, how can I get a variable to show just the integer portion,
rather than doing it through a printf?

Re: Date subtraction

Ok, so the strtotime will take the date in that format and appears to
work. Now I just need the way to assign the integer to the variable.

Also what's the easiest way to put in something like <1 if the age is
less than one?

Re: Date subtraction

Got it working:

$now       = time();
$birthday = strtotime($row[birthday]);
$age    = (integer)(($now - $birthday) / 31557600);
if ($age=="0")
        $age = "<1";

Any better way to do this?

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