Date string manipulation

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Forgive me. I am new to PHP and am a little confused by date
manipulation and would appreciate some guidance.
I have a string containing a date which has been parsed from and RSS
feed. This looks something like: "Tue, 25 Mar 2008 04:28:18 -0500" and
is stored in $rssdate

I would like to manipulate this date to correct the timezone
adjustment. (I happen to know that the item I am referencing was
actually timestamped at 09:28:18). I suspect that I have to turn it
into a timestamp (is that correct?)

Attempts to use strtotime($rssdate) have failed... and dropping the
-0500 allows strtotime to complete, but it returns a date of 18 Mar
(which is counter-intuitive, to say the least).

Can anyone offer me any clues?

Re: Date string manipulation

GorseFox schreef:
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i think you need strtotime:

and strftime:


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