date diff - please help

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I'm very new to this group and the php, now I've question about date

I need function how to calculate time diffrence between two dates.
First date: $rs['lastBuildDate'  is like 'March 6, 2006 10:04 am'  next
date have to be today.
The expected output  number of days and hours.
Later on I will add some If statements if days > 1 then 1day.gif etc.
This is required to my web based rss agregator.


Re: date diff - please help

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First you need to convert both days into timestamps, which are much easier  
to deal with. you get todays timestamp from mktime(); to convert the textual  
date representation into a timestamp you could use strtotime().
the code would look like this:

$today = mktime();
$created = strtotime($rs['lastBuildDate']); // This is the March 6...

now that you have both dates as timestamps, their difference in seconds is  

$diff = $today - $created;

Now just do the math to convert the seconds to days, hours, minutes. Just  
divide it by 60, 60, 24 etc.


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Re: date diff - please help

thanks a lot, I was not expecting this quick answer.

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