Date conversions ( date, mktime )

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I have a date in three pieces dd mm yyyy.
I'm just wondering the best way to convert this for inserting into a
DATETIME field and then back again when displaying it.

I have tried date, strtotime mktime but it keeps inserting a blank
date. i.e. 00:00:00 00:00...

I've been looking through the php manual but I can't seem to get this
Also would I be better off using the UNIX_TIMESTAMP function?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Date conversions ( date, mktime )

Mickey wrote:

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You don't need to convert it. If you have three variables, for example
$year, $month and $day, all you need to do is this:

"INSERT INTO sometable (..., mydatefield) VALUES
(..., '$year-$month-$day')"

There are better ways of doing this but at its most simple that will
work. Of course you need to be aware of sql injection if your values
come from a form post, and the $month and $day variables need to be
zero padded.

To then utilise the database value from your SELECT query you can use
strtotime() to convert it to a timestamp and date() to format you as
you require, but there are limitations on the date range. You may be
better to use the database's date formatting functions to have it
formatted as you would like it displayed.

Chris Hope | |

Re: Date conversions ( date, mktime )

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Thanks for the reply Chris.
I also just found this which may be of help to someone else.

Thanks again.

Re: Date conversions ( date, mktime )

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Forgot the link.

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