database hangs in MyPHPAdmin/can't login to web site

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I cannot log into our web site. I have a test web site and a real
site. On Friday I could log in and today Monday I cannot log in. I
have 2 databases In PHPMyAdmin,   the real database and  and a test
database site which used to be mirrors.  Someone else did upgrade
work on the real site which I must troubleshoot because they are

Symptoms:I can select  in myPHPadmin the test database but when I try
to switch in PHPMyAdmin from the test database to the real database
the myPHPAdmin tool hangs.  At that point I cannot get back to either
of the other two databases.

As I mentioned none of the users can log in to the real web site/
database.  When they do it just keeps loading.

(I am and have always used Mozilla).  When I clear all the cookies/
sessions from mozilla I can go back to the login page otherwise it
just keeps loading.   That is when I clear all cookies at least I can
go back to the login page.  I still can't log in but it stops
everything from hanging.

The only idea I have right now is compare the real web site login page
to the test one line by line.  I don't get any error messages.  I just
can't log in.  I would assume nothing has changed in the login page
and there is some process error?

It is a hosted database and I thought maybe the problem was with them
except they tested it and can't find a problem.

Why would selecting the real database hang in myPhpAdmin???  This
happens whether or not I try to log in to our site in the browser.  So
since the real database is hanging in phpAdmin can I assume something
is wrong with that database and it is not the login page?  What could
be wrong with the database itself?  How can I troubleshoot it?


Re: database hangs in MyPHPAdmin/can't login to web site

JRough wrote:
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First of all, this isn't really a PHP question - it's a database question.

As to why it's hanging - you need to find out what was done over the
weekend.  Then if you're still having problems, try comp.databases.mysql
with the information you got from your host.

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Re: database hangs in MyPHPAdmin/can't login to web site

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You are right it is a mySQL  error on the server.  they haven't been
able to fix it or give me any info yet.

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