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I want to create a customizable home page.  I'd like to be able to put
together a template in frontpage, then put it on the web.  I want to
put in HTML comments like <!-- home page element begin --> and <!--
home page elment end -->.

I then want to make a php script that can parse this template file and
make it so in the home page editor, it replaces places where it was
sandwiched with those tage with a textbox so you can edit it.

For example

<!-- home page element begin -->
this is a test
<!-- home page element end -->

When you visit the page, it will simply say "this is a test".  But then
I want an edit.php that instead shows "this is a test" in a textbox
that I can edit.

It's kind of hard to explain... any advice as to how I can parse the
file to replace those flagged areas with textboxes whose default values
are what is between them?



Re: Customizable home page

First uninstall FrontPage nothing good ever came of that program; if
you are looking for a templating solution in php check out smarty.

However what you really want is a CMS (Content Management System). This
will allow you to login, edit your site and have the changes published
on your site.

Check out mambo /. It's probably the best
CMS out there.

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