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I am having an issue with php and IIS6 in that I want a custom error page to  
display when a page isn't found (error 404).  If I do a test and enter  
anything ending with .php it returns the "default", bog standard IE / IIS  
error page.  All other instances (.gif, .htm, <foldername> etc) route to the  
custom error page.

What I need to know is where do I tell php the location of the custom error  
page to ensure it displays the custom 404 page rather than the default one?

Any help appreciated


Re: Custom Error Message Pages

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Christopher Pettet wrote:

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PHP does not care about custom error page locations: webservers do. Please
re-read the documentation for Apache, boa, IIS, or whatever webserver you
are running.

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Re: Custom Error Message Pages

Can you please explain why it works for everything EXCEPT .php extensions?

Try these three links and you'll see what I mean... <- works fine <- displays the default 404 <- works fine

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