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I am writing a Php script to run on my home PC (Windows) that downloads  
an Apache access log file and inserts new entries into a database..  The  
only way I can access these log files is through a cPanel URL that  
delivers a gzipped copy of the log file with all entires for the current  
month (up to the current date and time).

I want to run this script once a day (at night) and would like to  
download the gzipped file by resuming from where I left off the day  
before (instead of always downloading the entire gzipped file).

I have tried using CURL with the option -  curl_setopt($ch,  
CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM, $prev_offset) - but that always restarts the  
download from the beginning. ($prev_offset is the previous days file size).

I'm not sure what the structure of a gzip file is, so I don't even know  
if it is possible to resume a gzip file download when the file has been  
rebuilt in the mean time (cPanel creates a gzipped file with the same  
name from the raw log files every time you access that page in cPanel).  
My guess is that this is probably not possible.  ... But ....  I am  
trying to make the resume work to find out for myself and I can not make  
the resume work.

The bottom line is that I am trying to avoid downloading the entire  
gzipped log file every time I need to download it.

As an alternate, I have been successful using gzopen, and then I can  
gzseek to the previous offset, but I am unable to use a secure URL  
(https) with the Zlib functions (gzopen) with my Windows version of Php  
(the username and password have to be included in the cPanel URL to  
access the log file, so I'd like to use SSL.)

(I have started another thread to figure out how to get a Php Windows  
binary with https and ftps as registered streams (built with  
--with-openssl in the ./configure command), but so far I have gotten no  

Question:  When using gzread, where does the decompression take place -  
on the server where the file is located, or on my PC after the  
compressed data is downloaded?  Does gzseek work on a compressed file,  
or must it be uncompressed on the server first?  The point being; when I  
use gzopen and gzread, am I downloading compressed or uncompressed data  
from the server where the log files are located?

I can use either method, but want to meet two requirements.
1. I do not want to download redundant (old) data every day (I want to  
resume where I left off)
  ... and ...
2. I want to send the request for the log file (containing a username  
and password) using SSL.

I would appreciate any help or insight.

 Chuck Anderson • Boulder, CO
 Integrity is obvious.
 The lack of it is common.

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