Curl receiving different pages

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Hi All,

I'm using a simple php+curl script to fetch a users feedback profile from

for example from the following url:

and the script will then take the page and strip out the relevant data
(name, date, comments, etc), using regular expressions.

I wrote the script on my local machine (xp + apache 2) and tested it out,
and its working fine. However when I upload the exact same script to my
off-site linux machine, it wouldn't work anymore.

And then i discovered that it wasnt able to strip out the data because ebay
is sending a slightly different page to the linux machine than it is to my
machine, even though they are both using the exact same script. The page
looks identical at first... but little tiny things are different, for
example in the one sent to the linux machine, certain image attributes like
'height' are not sent.

Does anyone know why this could be, and how I could trick ebay into sending
the same page to the linux machine?


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