CURL ignores $_SESSION???

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I have a security mechanism that checks that session variables are set,  
and if not, redirects. It seems, however, that CURL just ignores this  
statement and completely breaches my security.

Does anyone have any ideas how to avoid this?

Re: CURL ignores $_SESSION???

turnitup wrote:
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It seems that CURL ignores the redirect header. I had to put an exit  
after that statement. Sorted now. CAVEAT REDIRECTOR!!!

Re: CURL ignores $_SESSION???

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t,  =

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Which is why redirecting should actually be done like this:

$target = ' ';
header("Location: $target");
print("You are being redirected to $target, click <a  =

href=3D\"$target\">here</a> if you don't get redirected.");

NOt only cURL, but all kinds of applications & browsers can choose not t=
o  =

directly follow your location headers. If you open pages with cURL, and =

you want to obey redirects from the header, use:
curl_setopt($curl,CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, true);
-- =

Rik Wasmus

Re: CURL ignores $_SESSION???

turnitup kirjoitti:
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You always have to put exit after redirection. And mind you this has  
nothing to do with CURL, it's just that PHP won't stop executing a  
script just because you set a header unless you say so. And remember  
that this is a good feature, not a bad. You just need to be aware of it.

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Re: CURL ignores $_SESSION???

Kimmo Laine wrote:

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Whatsmore, PHP doesn't send the headers to the client until you either
output some non-header content or your script exits.

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Re: CURL ignores $_SESSION???

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If you send sensitive data to the browser anyway when it fails
requirements for getting it, you have no security.  Never depend
on the browser to do what you want.  It could just be something
that sucks down the response and stores it in a file, or a telnet
client that logs the session.  Oh, yes, ordinary clients might cache
it where it can be found by a user, also.

One of the more likely clients to ignore your "security" mechanism
is a search engine.

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