cURL firestarter help needed

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Hi there!

I just want to get this http thing into a dynamic scipt using cURL which -
as you might have guessed - I never used before and documentation I found
so far is quite unuseful for me...

So let's get to the point:
If I put this into the browser of choice:

everything works fine.

Nor here's a script I got from this website, put my registration data in
and it does - nothing. cURL support is turned on - but maybe you might be
able to tell me how to use this script. (There was no further
documentation included)

$username = "XXXXX";    // hier bitte Ihre Kunden-ID eintragen  
$password = "XXXXX";    // hier bitte das in den Einstellungen definierte Password  
function send_sms($absender, $empfaenger, $text, $versandroute = "")  
    global $username;  
    global $password;  
    $sms_query = sprintf(" ",  
        $ch = curl_init($sms_query);  
        curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);  
        $result = curl_exec($ch);  
        $fp = fopen($sms_query, "r");  
             $result .= fread($fp,4096);  
    return $result;  
$result = send_sms("01748882288", "01723773477", "Dies ist ein Text", "route2");  

All I want is to send a POST type message to a remote URL which contains
the same as in the http-request I posted above. Any help or a link to
useful dokumentation with examples hoh to use cURL highly appreciated.


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