cURL and .htaccess based user authentication

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I found a nice example of ebay login using PHP and cURL at

Is this technique applicable to sites that authenticate users using a
browser-opened dialog? (like .htaccess user validation)

The ebay example is a lot to take in for a newbie like me, so I'd like
to have an idea first whether it is worth the time and effort
modifying it.

Tips or links to online examples ?


Re: cURL and .htaccess based user authentication

On May 24, 5:35 am, wrote:
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I wonder if you can log into those like FTP through a browser, so that
would authenticate you. I can't think of any websites that I log into
that require that type of login to try it on.

Anyway, I think you are saying you want to use HTTP header
authentication. This just requires sending a few more headers (usually
after a 401 code is returned), which is described officially by the
W3C here:

-Mike PII

Re: cURL and .htaccess based user authentication

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Re: cURL and .htaccess based user authentication

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yea, that sounds like a good solution too.

-Mike PII

Re: cURL and .htaccess based user authentication

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