Curious problem with ftp:// wrapper.

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I am writing a program that sends a file to a remote server with either
FTP or SFTP.  I want to use ftp:// wrappers if possible instead of the
FTP functions because I think the code would be simpler.

So far, I've been able to make this work well:

An integral part of the program is reading the files in a directory.
For some reason, I can't make this work with any FTP server I try:

It claims "PHP Warning: opendir(ftp://...@[host]): failed to open dir:
not implemented in test.php on line 10"

According to the PHP manual, this should work with my version of PHP
(5.2.5 on Linux).  Because file_get_contents works, I think we can
safely assume PHP was built with FTP support and allow_url_fopen on.

It is interesting to note that file_get_contents takes a few seconds to
run.  I assume it is negotiating a connection.  opendir takes no time at
all; it's as if it's not even trying.

If anyone can offer some suggestions, that would be super.


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