Curious behavior

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I have a php page. On it I have an html control (among others).

I can have:

(Line A:)
<input type="hidden" name="secretkey" value="<?php
      echo $_SESSION['vmPassword'];?> ">

where $_SESSION['vmPassword'] has the correct value

or I can do:
(Line B:)
<input type="password" name="secretkey" value="<?php
      echo $_SESSION['vmPassword'];?> ">

If I do Line A and transmit it, the value received for $secretkey looks
like an encrypted value.
If I do Line B and type in the value then the value received is the
correct value.  Doing it with Line B with type="password" and having
the value as is results in a very long string of dots in the field.
Using value="" results in an initially empty password field.

I have checked and double checked the value of $_SESSION['vmPassword']
and it is correct.

Can someone help?

What I need to happen is for the password field to be hidden, with the
proper value put in by the php echo command.

Re: Curious behavior

Solved.  It seems that after traversal, the $_SESSION['vmPassword']
value was getting corrupted somewhere.  Using a local value set to
$_SESSION['vmPassword'] somehow removed the corruption of the session
value.  It probably corrupted the local value (somehow????), but since
it was reset each time, I didn't care.

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