CSWS 2 (apache) / PHP 1.2 (php 4.2.3) / Oracle 9i OCI8 connectivity under OpenVMS

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I'm currently trying to interface CSWS 2.0 (apache) / PHP v1.2 (PHP
4.3.2) with an Oracle 9.2
database under OpenVMS 7.3.2  

The database connection works fine, but i've a problem with OCIexecute
when i'm trying to select varchar value.

My script works fine with int value, but give no resultt (error page)
when there's a varchar colum in the select statement

Someone Have exeprienced such problem ? Who can help me with
APACHE/PHP/Oracle9I/OpenVMS configuration ?

Environnement problem ? NLS problem ?

Thanks in advance for all
Best regards

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