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Hi I am trying to set up cross domain cookies on a server I have running
that currently has 2 domains running on it (on different IPs).  Basically I
have a forums site (using UBB threads) and I want to users to be able to use
the forum login and password from the main site and then if they go to the
forum site they are already logged in to that as well.

I have tried followed this article:

What I have done is:
1. Put the following code at the top of the .php file where I create the
cookie (on the forum site) and in the .php file where my login code is on
the main site:

 Support cross-domain cookies... */

// If the GET variable has been set, and it differs from the cookie
// variable, then use the get variable (and update the cookie)
if (isset($sessionid) && isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['sessionid']) &&
($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS['sessionid'] != $HTTP_GET_VARS['sessionid'])) {
    SetCookie('sessionid', $HTTP_GET_VARS['sessionid'], 0, '/', '');
    $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS['sessionid'] = $HTTP_GET_VARS['sessionid'];
    $sessionid = $HTTP_GET_VARS['sessionid'];

2. Set up the
domains['domain1'] = "http://<site domain>/-$sessionid-";
$domains['domain2'] = http://<forums domain>/-$sessionid-;
code in an file that is "required" by all the php scripts

3. Done the apache server stuff

However when I do something like
echo  $domains['domain2'];
in the file where my login code is (on the main site) the output is:
http://<forums domain>/--
(there is no sessionid in the URL)

Could someone either tell me where I am going wrong or point me to another
article that maybe explains what I need to do a bit better.  I am pretty
certian my problem is to do with teh $sessionid in step 1 above, I never set
it to equal anything so the code in the if statement never gets carried out.
I also just want to make sure that cross domain cookies can be used in this

Anyway, any help would be much appriciated

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