creating form 'select lists' using PHP

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Hi everyone

Is it by any chance possible to use mysql and php to auto create the
content for drop-down lists on forms by retrieving the values from a
database? The reason i ask is that on a site i am making i am asking
users to select from list (e.g. nationality) however i would like to
avoid typing out every possible value of which there are about 40
(which change). I would much prefer to keep a seperate table in my
database for the site.

Kind regards


Re: creating form 'select lists' using PHP

phpuser32423 wrote:
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Sure. I assume the database fields have a numeric ID, so you can get the  
ID as an answer while the user only sees the description.
Just fetch all the IDs and Descriptions from the database table (if you  
order it by description, the user can type the first letter to select  
one). Print the HTML for a dropdown list (<SELECT NAME=...>) and the  
options. If you are using the ID, print something like:
'<OPTION VALUE='' . $ID . ''>' . $description
for each record in the table
Make it part of a form and it is submitted with it.

Best regards

Re: creating form 'select lists' using PHP

On or about 9/25/2005 4:03 PM, it came to pass that phpuser32423 wrote:
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You did not say it but this code assumes you are using MySql Enum or Set  

The following php script I wrote will take an Enum or Set field from a  
table,creates a Select box or Check Boxes, and could be easily expanded  
to have a Select Multiple or whatever you need. It will optionally sort  
the field names and set selected elements from the corresponding  
database data field. I'm fairly new at PHP and cobbled this together  
from various other scripts I found on the net for use on my website. I  
am certain someone can find ways to do it better, more elegantly or find  
fault with the code, but this works for me. However if you do find a  
serious fault please post it in this group.

Apologies for the messy indentation it's caused by the very poor  
interaction of my text editor and e-mail program.

$table = Table name
$field = Enum or Set field in $table
$type = select or whatever (defaults to check box)
$data = field value (optional the data from field in table)
$sort = yes or no (sort options ascending)
$title = optional; null first field for a select

function DrawFromDB($table,$field,$type,$data="",$sort="yes",$title="")
     //connect to DB;
     $query=mysql_query("SHOW COLUMNS FROM ".$table." LIKE  
'".$field."'") or die (mysql_error());
         if ($sort =="yes")
             sort ($options);
         $ARay = explode(",",$data);
         switch ($type)
           case "select":
                $text="\n\n<select name='". $field ."'>\n";
               if ($title > "")
                  $text.="<option value=\"\">" . $title . "</option>\n";
             for ($i=0;$i<count($options);$i++)
                $selected = NULL;
                if ($data == $options[$i])
                    $selected ="SELECTED ";
                 $text.="<option " . $selected .  

            for ($i=0;$i<count($options);$i++)
                for ($j=0;$j<count($ARay);$j++)
                    if ($ARay[$j] == $options[$i])
                        $checked=" CHECKED ";
                $text.="<INPUT TYPE='checkbox'" . $checked . " NAME='" . $field."[]'  
VALUE='". $options[$i] . "'>".ucfirst($options[$i])."  \n";
         return $text;

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