Creating empty variables for input data

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I am creating a script that will be taking data from a POST and submitting  
the data to variables which are placed within a hash for string to data  
association. Then, using HTML::Table and Mail::Sendmail, the data is parsed  
into an html table and then an email is created and send to a recipient.
So, my question is this; How do I take the input from a post form and have  
the variables pick up the data and process it into a hash?

my $name = ;
my $instock = ;
my describe = ;
# Hash to hold inventory data
my %table_data = (
    model => '$modelnumber',
    item => '$name',
    available => '$instock',
    description => '$describe',

This is all the code I have written thus far, any pointers or suggestions  
for this project?  

Re: Creating empty variables for input data

I'm sorry. I posted in the php news group instead of PERL.
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