Creating CSR with multiple values for attributes

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I'm trying to get PHP to generate a CSR in which I need the
organizationalUnitName attribute/field to have multiple values.

In the openssl.cnf file when generating the CSR with the "openssl req"
command line, all I need is to include stanza such as:
0.organizationalUnitName = Level 0 OU
1.organizationalUnitName = Level 1 OU
n.organizationalUnitName = Level N OU

I hoped that for PHP, I just needed to build an array looking like
dn_array = array(
   "0.organizationalUnitName" => "Level 0 OU"
   "1.organizationalUnitName" => "Level 1 OU"

But what I get in the PHP errorlog at the openssl_csr_new($dn_array,
...) call is a:
"dn: 0.organizationalUnitName is not a recognized name" message and so
on for every multi-valued attribute...

Any one ever succedeed in getting openssl_csr_new to do that stuff ?



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