creating active directory user

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does anyone already tried to create a user into active directory through
php_ldap ?

i tried something like this but still don't work :-/

 $adduserAD["cn"][0]    = "phpldapuser";
 $adduserAD["samaccountname"][0] = "guguseli";

 $adduserAD["objectclass"][0] = "top";
 $adduserAD["objectclass"][1] = "person";
 $adduserAD["objectclass"][2] = "organizationalPerson";

 $adduserAD["givenname"][0]   = "thomas";
 $adduserAD["name"][0]   = "tester";
 $adduserAD["sn"][0]    = "btester";
 $adduserAD["description"][0] = "TEST-Account ldap";
 $adduserAD["title"][0]    = "Programm Manager";

ldap_add($ad, "ou=test, dc=my,dc=domain", $adduserAD) or die("error!");

Re: creating active directory user

*** papango wrote/escribió (Wed, 09 Feb 2005 04:24:42 -0500):
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I don't think the anonymous web server user has enough administrative
rights as to create a domain user.

-- Álvaro G. Vicario - Burgos, Spain
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