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I am having a terrible time trying to create a view. Here is the sql

$sql = "CREATE VIEW v AS SELECT * FROM t1;";

Here is the error:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds
to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'VIEW v
AS SELECT FROM t1' at line 1

So simple, yet so vexing. Any thoughts? Thanks,

-- whit nelson

Re: Creating a view

Whit wrote:
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This isn't a PHP question.  Try a mysql newsgroup - such as  

And ensure your version of MySQL supports views.

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Re: Creating a view


Perhaps it's only the the ";" within the command at the end ?
...SELECT * FROM t1;"; <- the one in front of the "

The error in syntax message doesn't have this one.

Hope helps,

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Re: Creating a view

Whit wrote:
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Looks fine to me. So make sure the version of MySQL you have supports  
view. It started to be supported in MySQL version 5.0. The ';' in the  
SQL statement is fine. It is a cmd terminator in SQL.

IMHO - If you want to use a view I would use it on complicated SQL table  
relationships. I see no reason to build a view based on just one SQL  table.

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Re: Creating a view

I would concur.

My hosted service doesn't support views.  I had to write a 5 nested
level select statement to do what I wanted.  Seeing as you have to
write the complicated SQL to generate a view anyway, why not just stick
it in a function and call it with the required parameters.  How big is
the database and what is the likely overhead.


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